Lee Mowatt – Motivational Speaker

Attention Meeting Planners
* Are you looking for a powerful but fun-filled message to offer to groups of mature and older people that inspire and encourage social connection, goal setting, passionate purpose, or service?

* Are you looking to understand the aging trends affecting our cultures over the next 30 years?

* Are you looking to explore and challenge status quo thinking to discover new approaches for issues connected with the older generation?

* Are you looking to inspire physical activity, exercise, nutrition, and social connection as an essential ingredient of well-being?

* Are you looking to explore a variety of approaches to the “Inner Game” of successful aging?

Target audiences:
Lee likes to speak to groups of people 55 y/o or more who are concerned about, or involved with the issues related to the boomer generation. This include groups connected with adult education centers, new retirees and their advisers, senior centers, occupational therapy centers, AARP events, or any group of seniors looking for a fun time and an empowering message. He also has interest in inspiring accident survivors with his own story of recovery.

Regardless of the audience, adequate research is always done to ensure the fit of the message to the specified group.

Presentation topics:
Lee loves to address groups that are looking for entertaining, yet insightful views on any of the issues related to the aging boomer generation. He is fond of deriving many humorous insights from the status quo thinking prevalent in our culture. Lee’s messages usually touch on alternative approaches to standard, common problems such as staying socially connected, avoiding inactivity, fitness, nutrition, technology awareness, etc. See his list of topics that he regularly presents to groups.

The fit of the audience and an opportunity to have fun and make a good contribution in the lives and thinking of others is more important to Lee than the fee.   Lee can afford to offer pro-bono work when the fit is “perfect” and the arrangements (including setup and travel) are especially convenient. Normally each engagement is priced according to its own parameters.

Is traveling involved for the engagement?
Is it a large group (greater than 50 people)?
What is the extent of preparation and research needed?

These are a few of the factors that go into setting a fee for a specific engagement.

Contact Lee:
To explore the details of having Lee for your next meeting, please send email to info@growth-works.com. Please include the following details:

  • Date of event
  • Location of event
  • Name and website of sponsoring organization
  • Desired duration of presentation
  • Topic preferences (if any)
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Your contact info.