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“Aging is the Supreme expression of Wisdom”

– Michael Gelb

Background information:

If you, or anyone you know, can meet at least some of the conditions below, then you may be a Silver-Inspiration. It isn’t necessary to meet the majority of these conditions. You will know inside of yourself, as you answer, if you qualify as a Silver-Inspiration. If you do, see below for your next steps.

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  1. Are you over 55 years of age?
    • The boomers will have a great impact on these changing norms as they challenge status-quo thinking. Innovators and early adopters from this group have every intention of creating a new definition of “old”.
  2. Is life seemingly getting better for you as you grow older, instead of worse?
    • These people have generally enjoyed the progression of their lives?
  3. Do you have sustainable social connections?
    • Do you have friends that admire you? Friends you admire? Friends that are 15 years younger and those 15 years older? Are you a part of their lives?
  4. Do you have an unfulfilled dream you are working toward?
    • Memories are wonderful, but it is your future that enjoys most of the effort of your days. Despite your years, your purposeful challenge is ahead for you, creating a journey that gets you out of bed most days.
  5. Do you generally enjoy people and your interactions with them?
    • Our interactions with people offer up so many diverse opportunities (and challenges) that will always keep our brains sharp.
  6. Are your pursuits and goals more important to you than your aches and pains?
    • We all have limits, and we feel the physical limits more as we get older. But the pursuit of our goals often transcends these physical limits.
  7. Are you engaged in a socially conscious entrepreneurial effort?
    • Entrepreneurial efforts force us to evolve as people. A lot of us in our 60’s and higher have stopped evolving. Have you?
  8. Do you feel that you positively touch the lives of others in some way?
    • The very nature of being a role model implies that others can be motivated toward better paths through your influence or exposure.
  9. Have you overcome health issues, destructive life conditions, business or financial concerns?
    • These role models passively show us a way out of our negative thinking and the conditions we create from that thinking. Can others gain anything from your story of persevering through hardship?
  10. Are you comfortable with being different than others around you?
    • These people are comfortable being who they are, even if they are like no one else. The definition of who they are comes from an internal place within them, not from the classifications around them.
If you can see yourself as a Silver-Inspiration, please write to me telling about yourself. Growth-works would like to help you do even more good by sharing the inspiring parts of your journey with those that rejoice in the learning of it. If you know someone who could be a Silver-Inspiration, share this blog post with them, or write me about them. There is work to do in defeating the negative stereotypes of growing older. We can help our culture learn that growing older is a natural process with its special gifts, not a mental and spiritual decline dominated by the images from our current cultural labels.

Let’s hear your stories. Write to me and introduce yourself, for the good of those around you that really need it