Silver Inspirations Role Models

“The success and achievements of others inspires my own success and achievements”
Lee Mowatt

Here you will find short descriptions for each of our Silver Inspirations members. Read what makes them special. Inspire yourself to higher achievement, greater health, meaningful connections and relationships. These people do not view their age in the same way most of us do. They do not see their years as an obstacle to their desires and passions. Their unfulfilled dreams form the basis for the work they do every week. They don’t all have great health, wealth, or connections. But they are all looking forward in their lives. And that makes a world of difference. Allow these stories to fuel the passions for what lies ahead for you.

Lee Mowatt as SI
Lee Mowatt, 65, New Hampshire

Lee Mowatt is the quintessential example of a Silver Inspiration. His energy has no bounds when focused on his pursuits. These days those pursuits involve leading our society and particularly one segment of our society into realizing their true importance in the world and to those around them. Redefining “growing older” from what our society views as feeble, incapable or beyond usefulness, to one of vibrancy, engagement and as positive contributors to the world, Lee not only shares this belief but lives them in his daily life.

Lee Mowatt continues to practice a regimen of physical fitness he carries forward from his youth. He engages and inspires not only people of his generation but people in the x y and z generations as well. For those who say “it’s what he’s always done” he reminds them of the devastating accident that nearly took his leg. And while that limb will never be as it was, Lee has never let that stop him from continuing to enjoy life, challenge the status quo, or use it as excuse to give up. And many would have under similar circumstance.

The hallmark of Lee’s personality is an exceptional ability at engaging people from all walks of life, from young to not so young. While he is at ease with moving around the world, engaging people and staying physical, he doesn’t expect everyone to have those same traits, understanding we are all different. It’s that difference that he wants each of us to celebrate, by realizing our potential and shaking off the old paradigms of “old equals weak” so that we too can find our true strengths and establish a sunset legacy of which our children and grandchildren can be proud.

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Leonard Smith, 71, New Jersey

Mr. Len Smith is a fine example of a Silver Inspirations role model. He is 71 living in NJ with his wife Patti. Despite his age (or maybe because of it), he lives a passionate and active lifestyle dedicated his 3 major motivators – helping others, healthy pursuits, and his grandchildren.

  • Len has dedicated much of his time to promote awareness about the various forms of dementia (including Alzheimer’s) and regularly offers presentations related to early diagnosis and care for those suffering with these conditions. His latest efforts involve employing Art Therapy as an effective path for helping those with dementia.
  • He gives talks on many aspects that affect older citizens and has recently focused on elderly financial abuse.
  • At 71, Len has endured his share of health issues. But his determination to stay healthy has uncovered many avenues that we can all learn from. He has successfully cured age-related (aka dry) macular degeneration, had open heart surgery to replace a valve, prostate cancer, and other conditions common to his age group. He is especially proud of doing a 100 mile bike ride only 5 months after his open heart surgery.
  • Len also takes special pride in his role as a grandfather of 6 ranging in age from 18 months to 16. Most of his traveling involves his many visits to enjoy the special times he has with them and forging the connections that form his legacy. As he says “This is the last generation that we will really have an influence on.”
  • What about aging? In his words “It just seems to be getting better as I ‘sort of” age.'”

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Barbara Coish as SI
Barbara Zins Coish, 78, New Hampshire

You would be hard pressed to find a more active Silver-Inspiration than Barbara Zins Coish. At 78 years of age, she shows little signs of slowing down. Her volunteer efforts seem legendary in her local community, where she has received many awards celebrating her impact. Indeed, she herself states that volunteering is her passion.
And the list of efforts where she has left her mark is truly impressive. A short list of her past and present efforts includes:

    • Volunteers with the local access cable to televise community meetings and town government sessions.Ladies Benevolent Society
    • Girl Scouts troop leader
    • Women’s Athletic association
    • Several terms on the local school board
    • Volunteer driver for local senior transportation program
    • Manager of district’s “Meals on Wheels” program
    • President of Windham Seniors, Inc.
    • Classroom volunteer for local school districts
    • Cemetery trustee for her town
    • Volunteer for the Alexander Eastman Foundation
    • Two time recipient of the “Volunteer of the Year Award” from her town
    • Recipient of the “Joseph D. Vaughan Award”

In her own words, “My interest in volunteering spans from the littlest students, to the senior citizens, to those who lie at rest on the Plains. Humans of all ages fall into my area of volunteering and I would have it no other way.”

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