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For the first-time visitor; Growth-Works has several paths you can take in exploring its resources. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, please consider discovering how Growth-Works can assist in meeting challenging life situations commonly experienced by people as they grow older. You can do this by selecting from the list of options appearing after the questions. Thank you.

Questions to Ask Yourself
* Are you over 55 years old or have challenging life situations to deal with?
* Are you retired? 
* Do you feel the years getting the better of you?
* Do you feel a bit out-of-control in handling your life?
* Are health issues starting to concern you?
* Do you feel uncomfortable with the newer technologies that have been introduced in recent years?
* Are you uncomfortable with new technologies for communication, service, and conveniences? (internet searches, smart-phones, text messaging, video-calling, social media, etc.)
* Are you looking to give more of yourself to your family, friends, and communities?
* Do you take care of an elderly parent or a disabled spouse who would answer “yes” to any of the above questions?

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