Exploring mid-life crisis

Aspects of Mid-life crisis run rampant through our culture. In this short video, Lee briefly explores his own experiences with mid-life struggles, and theorizes on why we might feel such urges to re-direct our lives in some manner at certain stages of life.

Video Transcript:
We go through stages in our lives. As children we’re carefree little animals running around the place. At twenty, we start to understand the world and start to take on some responsibility. At 30 we’re embedded in our careers and probably raising families. At forty we are understanding who we are more. At fifty, we’re trying to leave our mark in the world.

We realize that we’ve been following a path. As we have come up to this time, we realize we to follow a path that was not ours. A path that was given to us. We were taught how to think, and that thinking has been controlling our lives. At this stage of our lives, we start to suspect that we have taken on other people’s standards, and we start to rebel inside. This is the time when most people have rather significant mid-life crisis, or want to retire, or change their career, because they understand the definitions they’ve been using throughout the first part, or second part of their lives are not appropriate for where they are now.

You were taught how to be a responsible adult. You were taught the responsibilities of a parent. Where did this teaching come from? It did not come from inside of you. It comes from around your culture. You may have given yourself different answers if you were the one who was deriving these answers. But, you were not. These answers were given to you. By the time we reach this age, we understand that that which has been given to us isn’t always suited to us. And we start to make a own definitions.

I realize how uninformed I was about me, how uninformed I was about the way I was living. How much I’ve accepted other people’s standards. When I am searching for my success in the way that I’ve been taught to search for my success, that will almost always lead to a remorse at this point in my life, because it does not emphasize the most important things of life. We’re taught the values of success, not the values of a happy life. Our culture teaches us the values of success, and being a good citizen. These are valuable things, if we are to live in our society. And living in our society is a desirable thing. However they don’t attend to us as individuals. They tend to us as good citizens.

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