New! The Inner Game of Aging Podcast Series – Preview

The Inner Game Of AgingThings have been quiet on the pages of the Growth-works site with good reason. There are several new efforts starting up, all taking time and attention away from such things as cleaning my office, paying my bills, fixing my cars, called my children, visited friends and more.  I’ve even compromised my gym workout schedules trying to get everything done.

The next few months will see many things start to take off as I press forward to deliver a realistic but empowering message about how we age in this culture.  I will tell you about the new surprises in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

However, this post is to “warn” (or should I say inform) you of a new, exciting podcast series that will be introduced soon. Exactly when, I really can’t say since so much is going on at the moment. Continue reading

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NAA-E4-Medicare: All you really need to know

Episode Release Date: February 17, 2016

Growth-works is pleased to release the 4th episode of New Age Aging covering the Medicare federal health insurance program. If you are within 2 years of medicare enrollment, you must not miss the information in this episode. The full show notes for this video can be accessed below. You will also find a full contents listing to help you quickly navigate through this video. Continue reading

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New Paradigms for Aging? Role Models Needed

I like to explore new things. This probably comes from spending 30 years involved with technology. Take cell phones, for example. I am always looking for the newest, coolest, fastest, etc. My smartphone has become my constant companion with a wealth of tools that aid my everyday living and organization. Calling it a phone seems like a misnomer. It tells me where to go, how to get there, and where I’ve been. It shows me the weather, takes pictures and videos, captures my thoughts, and gives me music as well as wonderful ideas through podcasts and audio books. And having an Internet browser in my pocket allows me to settle debates between me and friends, and lots more. I have been using such conveniences for several years now.
My wife, on the other hand, does not embrace such new ideas with the fervor that I do. She is more reserved in exploring new paths. Her motivation for the new is tempered by the fact that the old still functions. Or does it? Continue reading

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Can We Change the Future of Aging?

CrowdThe other day, on a beautiful morning, I was walking along a nearby shore and decided to engage a couple taking a short rest from their morning walk. “Hi”, I said. “I wonder if I can get you to take an unusual picture of me.” Of course they agreed, and we began our chat. I said, “I’m going to do a handstand on that platform, and I’d like a picture of it from a very low angle.” They looked at each other, confused by what I had said. While setting up the picture, I learned that she was 48 years old, and he was 51. I jumped up on the platform and executed a reliable handstand while they tried to capture it with my phone camera, looking amazed as they did so.

After the pictures were taken, the man indicated he may have been able to do such a thing 40 years ago, but there is no chance he could do that these days. That’s when I told him that I am 64 years old. They shook their heads in amazement, saying all of the things I’ve come to expect. “You can’t be that old”, “That’s incredible”, “How do you keep yourself this way”, and so on. Continue reading

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ARX Omni: High-Tech Strength Training

In recent years strength training has taken its proper place as an important element of overall fitness. Recent research has glorified strength training as necessary for all ages from the young to the elderly. Indeed, trainers now recommend that more gym time be spent on strength training instead of cardio [See References].

I have been involved in fitness at all levels for many, many years now. And yes, even at the tender age of 64, I consider myself athletic. I still look to do things I have never done before, in terms of my strength and coordination. (Documented on my YouTube channel).

So when I had an opportunity to challenge myself with a new weight-lifting concept, I took it.  After all, I like experimenting with new things and strange concepts. Continue reading

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NAA-E3: Dating after 60

Episode Release Date: September 16th, 2015

Growth-Works is pleased to release the 3rd episode of New Age Aging. This episode gives a broad view of what dating for older people might be like and how to begin this journey in a manner that is likely to meet with success. The episode explores how much we understand ourselves and how much we know what we are looking for. It offers information and tips on successful flirting, an introduction to online dating, and showcases a couple who met online after reaching 60 years old. Continue reading

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Ageism: Clouding Up a Beautiful Sunset

Lessons from the Circle of Life
SunsetThere was something very disturbing happening within me as I watched my father grow older and older.  Twenty two years ago, I didn’t know myself then as well as I do now. So, at the time, it was hard to even recognize that something was disturbing me. But it all seems very clear now.

He had retired 11 years before his death, but his health had already started declining. I have many recollections from those 11 years. Here are a few: Continue reading

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Why Retire?

work-retireHave you ever thought about retirement? Do you know what retirement is or why so many people look forward to it? Retirement is supposed to be that time in your life when you put aside your working career and try to maintain a lifestyle of leisure and pleasure. It’s a time to relax and do things for the enjoyment of doing them. I worked in my career for 40 years to get to where I am today.

I’m retired.

During those years I was paid for the work I did. I had paid vacations; paid holidays; and even an occasional weekend off. However, when I retired, I found out that retirement was like having a 24×7 job that you don’t get paid for; there’s no paid vacation; holidays are like any other day; and if that’s not enough, there’s little difference between a weekend and a week day! That means you lose your TGIF bliss. So I ask you, Why would anyone want to retire? Continue reading

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NAA-E2: Volunteerism and the older adult

Episode release date: April 22, 2015

This episode of New Age Aging explores what it means for older adults to volunteer their time and skills for the benefit of others, and/or to promote a passion or cause. The discussion and video clips uncover the benefits of volunteering, how to find a wide range of domestic volunteering opportunities, how to evaluate volunteering organizations, and suggests a few do’s and don’ts when getting involved with volunteering opportunities. Continue reading

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Critical Thinking: A Natural Resource

Rodin's Thinker

Let me open up here with a quick story. Although I write this story in the first person, the story is heavily modified from a story told to me many years ago.

I used to love the way my wife made a pot roast. It was just delicious.  I would enjoy that about every month or so. When I watched her cook it, I noticed the she would cut off the ends of the piece before she placed it in the pot. I asked why she did this. Her answer: “I’m not sure, but when my mom taught me, that’s what she did and hers always tasted so scrumptious.” Continue reading

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