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Traditionally, we believe that our capacities, possibilities and usefulness diminish as we age. We find ourselves expecting and accepting conditions conventionally attributed to aging, but instead have other sources. Societal choices are often at the heart of these conditions, as we accept lifestyles promoting the very disorders we fear as we age.

Growth-Works exists to negate the social memes that compromise us as we age by providing positive role models, enlightening resources and practical community support. Our goal is to produce healthier, more engaged “olders” and elders who will share their gifts of knowledge, wisdom and humanness to all ages.

Growth-Works is changing the ideas and stereotypes of what it means to grow older.

Exploring empowering choices and practices for the boomer generation.
Challenging status quo thinking in regards to people 55 years and older.
Providing insights, tools, and helpful links that inform and inspire.
Spreading a message of possibilities, options, imagining and self-reinvention.

Growth-Works provides resources that support innovative solutions and messages of empowerment for the older generation in a demographically changing world.

 Lee talks about the boomer generation.
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