New! The Inner Game of Aging Podcast Series – Preview

The Inner Game Of AgingThings have been quiet on the pages of the Growth-works site with good reason. There are several new efforts starting up, all taking time and attention away from such things as cleaning my office, paying my bills, fixing my cars, called my children, visited friends and more.  I’ve even compromised my gym workout schedules trying to get everything done.

The next few months will see many things start to take off as I press forward to deliver a realistic but empowering message about how we age in this culture.  I will tell you about the new surprises in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

However, this post is to “warn” (or should I say inform) you of a new, exciting podcast series that will be introduced soon. Exactly when, I really can’t say since so much is going on at the moment.

The podcast series will be titled “The Inner Game of Aging Podcast”. The podcast series will take us on a journey of discovery regarding many facets of growing older. Those reading this will have the privilege of listening to the very first episode that introduces the series. This is a pre-released version of episode #001. As of this writing, it does not appear on iTunes, Stitcher or any of the other podcast directories. The file you will hear when you click the link is coming directly from this site, and, for the time being, it is the only place you can hear it.

This first episode explains the journey that we will take as the discussions and interviews unfold episode after episode. It also introduces a new website that will go live in 2 to 3 months. For now, points to the Growth-Works website. But that will be changing in the near future to show a completely redesigned site. Enjoy this podcast pre-release  (only 16 minutes) and tell me what you think. Please leave comments below, or sign-up with just your email to receive notifications for when the series will be released to the directories and the other things that will be happening under the Growth-Works banner.

The Inner Game of Aging Podcast

The Inner Game of Aging Podcast

Click the logo to hear this pre-release. And I look forward to hearing from you.

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