NAA-E1: Assistive Technology- Supporting the older generations

Episode release date: 12/31/2014

This episode of New Age Aging features a closer look at how technological advances are being employed to assist the older generations.  Assistive Technology is an expanding field using technology to address the day-to-day living issues of older people. Guest Stacy Driscoll opens us to a world of possibilities in addressing challenges with hearing, vision, memory, mobility, and medication-compliance. Several products are demonstrated to help the viewer understand how such products could be used. Continue reading

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The Silver Lining in the Silver Tsunami

1 – Introduction
50 50We have all heard about the “silver tsunami” poised to overtake the world. The media is prolific with stories about our aging populations and the “problems” we will face. I put “problems” in quotes because most of us already understand that a problem is usually only a problem in how it is viewed.

It may not be obvious, but every problem that ever existed also comes with embedded opportunities. Finding those opportunities is not always easy, and is often made more difficult by how we immerse ourselves in the problem. Continue reading

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Pain vs. Suffering

In this short video, Lee explains why pain and suffering are not the same thing, and why we may not choose our pain, we almost always choose our suffering. Continue reading

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Free Yourself from Blame (Part 1)

The problem with Blame
2456409-boy-playing-with-a-ball-and-breaking-a-windowThe common concept of blame has been inadvertently used to erode the personal interactions in our lives. This notion of blame has also been working against our personal development efforts. I know these are pretty broad and bold statements. But blame is often a critical ingredient in our destructive self-talk and inner dialog. Replacing it with a better concept has been long overdue, in my humble opinion. I’ve been thinking of this, on and off, for a few years and believe I have a solution Continue reading

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The Accident Story

In a conversation with Alain, Lee is asked about his 2004 accident. He goes on to describe a few of the details. This video also shows a picture of Lee’s rehabilitated foot and ankle 2 years after his recovery. Continue reading

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The Risks of Life

Each day we live involves risks. And we must become comfortable with the risks in our lives in order to fully live. However, risks and uncertainty are not the same thing. We have a duty to minimize our risks. But we also have a duty to become comfortable with uncertainty. Continue reading

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Changing Demographics

Will the graying population help or hurt the world cultures? Despite the challenges, Lee explains why he feels that the demographic shifts will open up brand new opportunities and improvements in many areas. This short video hints at why we will see much benefit coming from the older population. Continue reading

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Exploring mid-life crisis

Aspects of Mid-life crisis run rampant through our culture. In this short video, Lee briefly explores his own experiences with mid-life struggles, and theorizes on why we might feel such urges to re-direct our lives in some manner at certain stages of life. Continue reading

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Preserving our Productive Energy for Life

To watch the playful energy of children is a wondrous thing, as Lee’s friend, Alain, has noticed. Why isn’t this energy preserved into our adulthood? Does it naturally go away as we get older? Is it possible to have this energy as adults? In this short video, Lee gives his thoughts about this to Alain. Continue reading

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