About Growth-Works
  • As we have all heard, the World’s population is getting older. An unprecedented demographic event will emerge where, for the first time ever, the number of people older than 60 will outnumber the people under 20. This will bring many opportunities and challenges to individuals, cultures and society infrastructures.
  • Growth-Works is aimed at advocating innovative approaches to issues connected with older Americans (55+). Growth-Works messages and services enable a mature generation that is more physically able, better mentally prepared, and more spiritually engaged than what has previously been seen.
  • Growth-Works is fast becoming a  Thought Leader regarding the societal challenges facing older Americans, inspiring new thinking and approaches.
  • Growth-Works aligns and partners with like-minded organizations to advocate for positive societal approaches affecting the quality of life for individuals in their older years.
  • Growth-Works is guided by a set of principles that help take the “old” out of “older”,  retires the old ideas of retirement, and keeps dignity and social engagement in the elderly.
  • Growth-works messages, services, and offerings are holistic in that the “inner game” of aging is always considered.
  • Growth-Works advocates gentle social change – evolution, not revolution.
  • Growth-Works primary office is in the Nashua, NH area.
New Age Aging
  • Growth-Works produces a public access TV show in the Nashua, NH area, which can also be accessed on the Internet.
  • The program explores the myriad of opportunities and avenues for healthful, engaged and purposeful living for older citizens.
  • The program seeks out and explores solutions that better support the innovative handling of issues facing the older generation, while providing entertaining and humorous perspectives on cultural aspects of aging.
  • Learn more about New Age Aging.

About Lee
  • Lee Mowatt, Growth-Works CEO, now in his mid-sixties, has been considering these issues for many years. He is a motivational speaker, maintains an intense strength regimen for both body and mind, and constantly engages in philosophical thinking that contributes to the Growth-Works message; essentially living the lifestyle he promotes.
  • Lee is the initial spirit behind Growth-Works and New Age Aging.
  • Lee truly believes in and lives by the principles of growth-works. His fitness, social engagement, communication styles, and outgoing personality inspires the principles of Growth-Works
  • Lee is constantly EXPLORING his world to find new CHALLENGES, always looking for INNOVATIVE solutions, and strives to be INFORMED in his areas of concern.
  • To see videos of Lee, visit his YouTube Channel.